Get Involved

As a grassroots 501(c)4 non-profit organization, Virginia Faith & Freedom Coalition relies on voluntary contributions from civic-minded, faith-based voters to vigorously defend our values in the public square.  Please fill out the below form to receive our newsletter and/or volunteer to assist the organization. 

In addition, please consider taking a moment today for donating HERE to support the Virginia Faith & Freedom Coalition.  Your one-time or monthly contribution allows us to reach voters across the Commonwealth and address these critical issues.  Thank you!

We do this by:

Distributing voter guides to local churches
Canvassing door-to-door to help educate people of faith about upcoming elections
Registering new voters
Phone banking to help get out the vote of values-based voters
Educating elected leaders about policy ramifications at all levels of government
Building engaged networks of concerned citizens and mobilizing them to advocate sound public policy at every level of government

Whether we are testifying at local hearings, calling/writing our lawmakers, or protesting bigotry/discrimination against people of faith, we are more effective when we act together!

With your support, we can advance more laws and policies that strengthen families, protect the dignity of life and marriage, and defend our freedom to share the gospel and freely practice the teachings of our Church!

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