“It’s at this divisive time in history that we must always remember that it’s not the volume of your voice but the strength of your argument that matters.”
Governor Glenn Youngkin
Convocation Address at Liberty University

Equipping Voters of Faith

We believe that the greatness of America lies not in government, but in the character of our people. Oftentimes, people of faith do not get involved in the political process.

Virginia has now become a central battleground on education reform, weaponization of government against our religious beliefs and woke cultural engineering.

If we’re going to bring Virginia back to faith-based values, values that our founding fathers implemented here in the Commonwealth and in which the foundation of America was built upon, we must today engage and educate faith voters in the political process.

And that is where the Virginia Faith & Freedom Coalition comes in. 

We seek to equip values-minded believers “to join the field of battle” with reliable information about the most important issues and actions that infringe on our freedoms at the local, state and national government levels.  

We are committed to working to protect every Virginian’s civil and religious freedoms and support you to become an educated and effective citizen.  Below are just a few of VAFFC’s activities:

Becoming a member and dedicating time to our mission
Distributing voter guides to local churches
Hosting meet and greets for local Faith and Freedom members to hear from local elected officials
Canvassing door-to-door to help educate people of faith about upcoming elections
Hosting human trafficking awareness training sessions statewide
Holding “citizen action” seminars to help our members get involved
Registering new voters
Phone banking to help get out of the vote
Advocating for values-based policy at the Virginia General Assembly and in Congress
Writing Op-Eds and blog posts to help educate Virginians
Alerting local members and supporters to take action at their local Board Meetings, School Board Meetings, or lobby elected officials on germane issues

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