Statement from the Faith & Freedom Coalition on Tennessee Gov. Lee’s Crisis Pregnancy Center Proposal

DULUTH, Ga., Feb. 8, 2022 — The Faith & Freedom Coalition today released the following statements on Tennessee Gov. Lee’s crisis pregnancy center funding proposal: 

“The Faith & Freedom Coalition commends Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee’s proposal for $100 million in funding for crisis pregnancy centers throughout the state. Now more than ever, pro-life advocates must also be pro-family advocates, and this new funding will enable Tennessee crisis pregnancy centers to better support families at their most vulnerable. With the responsibility for developing pro-life legislation now falling to the states, this is precisely the kind of leadership and innovation needed from our governors and state legislatures. The Faith & Freedom Coalition will continue to work alongside states to create similarly beneficial programs for American families,” said Timothy Head, Faith & Freedom Coalition executive director.   

“It is imperative that we have pro-life, pro-family leaders like Gov. Lee to introduce policies that provide crisis pregnancy centers and affiliated organizations with the tools they need to support families when they need it most. Governor Lee’s proposal, unveiled during his State of the State address, to give those centers support to the tune of $100 million is a tremendous boon in the effort to protect and support innocent life in Tennessee. The Tennessee Faith & Freedom Coalition is thrilled with this proposal and looks forward to working with Gov. Lee and the General Assembly to see it come to fruition,” said Aaron Gulbransen, Tennessee Faith & Freedom Coalition executive director.

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